Saturday, January 18, 2014

18 days into your resolution and.....

you're beginning to  falter. If you're one of many whose New Year's resolution was to "get healthy" now may be the time you're weakening.   This feeling is just a small roadblock that you can move past.  Here's some suggestion on how to get past this hurdle and move ahead:
   1) Make better health a social event. (No, I'm not suggesting you meet a friend for a few cocktails).
       How about scheduling  a walking date with coffee as your reward; have a contest to see who can
       find the most flavorful heart healthy recipe; what is the most outlandish outfit you can put
       together for your next workout.
   2) You DID  make one  resolution, yes?  Trying to make many lifestyles change at once sets you
       up for failure.  Reevaluate.  What is the most important change, stop smoking, becoming more
       active, losing weight.  They're  doable, but not all at once.  Pick one.
   3)Willpower. We all have it but sometimes we must give it some wiggle room.  Don't make
       sweeping statements, "I'm not going to eat any food with the letter 'C'."  Sounds good, but, how
       about making the goal more manageable, "No cookies Monday-Saturday, just on Sunday."
Finally, share your resolution with some one.  It's harder to give up if others know about it. 


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