Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do you HATE to exercise?

Being a mildly obsessive woman of "years" I feel I've reached the point in my life where I can admit stuff: I LOVE CHOCOLATE and possibly eat too much of it :-( ; I hate running the vacuum (the noise makes me crazy); and sometimes I hate to exercise.

So, what can I do to stay motivated? Keep posting what I do on a calendar? Reward myself with chocolate? Give myself permission to take one day off for every 5 that I work out? Now THAT seems like a good idea.

Creating a reward system can work. Just try to stay away from food as the reward. (Don't know about you, but if I so much as TASTE sweets, my body craves them for the next 24 hours). Instead, focus on some other form of "feel" good reward: massage, facial, a LONG uninterrupted bubble bath, whatever makes you feel special.

So, this week, I get to take Friday off from exercising, that's my reward for working out 5 days in a row. HOORAY!

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